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Extraordinarily Explicit Heart-earth Q&A with The Tolkien Professor–Corey Olsen

Sep 4, 2018

Partially two of my interview with Corey “The Tolkien Professor”
Olsen, we speak about a number of extraordinarily explicit questions on
Heart-earth, together with: What’s “magic” in The Lord of the
? Whogiddy-what is Tom Bombadil precisely? Do the great
penalties of Eowyn’s disobedience to Theoden justify her
movements? Are orcs—possessing loose will however apparently evil by means of
nature—metaphysically coherent?


Signum College https://signumuniversity.org/

Mythgard Institute (Signum’s loose methods for the general public)

The Tolkien Professor Podcast

Corey Olsen’s web page https://tolkienprofessor.com/


Corey Olsen

2:06 The paradox of “magic” as utilized by other beings and
races in The Lord of the Rings

12:13 Is Tom Bombadil God or a Christ-figure? What does it imply
that “he’s,” and that he’s “the Grasp”? Is Tom a Maia? West vs.
east and resurrection within the barrow-wight episode

35:04 Does Eowyn’s achievement of prophecy in slaying the
Witch-King justify her abandonment of her tasks to stick in the back of and
rule/give protection to her other folks within the King’s absence? Simplistic feminist
misinterpretations of Eowyn; Rohan’s vs. Gondor’s cultural

44:26 Eowyn’s depression vs. Sam’s; other types of hope; Sam’s
perspective in opposition to his responsibility and the sense during which he lacks hope

59:38 Extra on Eowyn, Rohan’s debased cultural values

1:07:02 How Tolkien advanced in his idea of flat vs. spherical

1:09:17 Are orcs evil by means of nature? How can that be if they have got
loose will?

1:15:22 What’s the foundation of the
variations/superiorities/inferiorities a number of the races of
Heart-earth, and the way is it other from real-world racist

1:26:16 This week’s studying: J.R.R. Tolkien, “On
Fairy-Tales” https://amzn.to/2Cgo9Pm

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