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DJI Air 3 Inexperienced persons Information (Step-by-Step Information) – Droneblog

The DJI Air 3 is a superb selection for the ones short of one thing higher than a Mini 3 Professional, however no longer fairly as massive as a Mavic 3.

Like its predecessor the Air 2S, the Air 3 hits the candy spot between charge and contours ratio, providing fairly a bang for the greenback, whilst wearing a few of DJI’s latest and cutting edge options.

In case you are new to drones usually and the Air 3 is your first drone, we will be able to be going in the course of the steps had to get you up and working.

We’ll be taking into account:

  • What’s within the more than a few Air 3 mixtures
  • Charging all the batteries
  • Putting in the Propellers
  • Downloading, Putting in, and putting in place the DJI Fly Device
  • And extra

Expectantly, after studying this information, you, as a brand new Air 3 proprietor, may have all the gear had to stand up within the air safely.

Most sensible Drone Classes

Air 3 Assessment

The DJI Air 3, because the successor to the Air 2S, comes whole with twin 1/1.3″ cameras, with focal period equivalents of 24mm and 70mm, respectively.

The 24mm extensive attitude lens and the medium tele 70mm lens each take very good pictures and shoot movies in equivalent resolutions.

What has stumped many within the drone group is why DJI determined to make use of smaller Mini 3 Professional-like digital camera symbol sensors (1/1.3″) for the twin digital camera machine versus the bigger 1″ sensor discovered at the Air 2S.

DJI Air 3 Beginners Guide (Step-by-Step Guide)

Time will inform, however most likely this used to be to make stronger the entire gimbal purposes related to a lighter dual-camera setup, as there were fairly a couple of reviews of the huge gimbal within the Mavic 3 Professional affected by micro shutters.

Perhaps DJI may have a marvel in retailer with an Air 3S or Professional fashion one day, with higher cameras?

With the Air 3 redesign, it isn’t just a good bit heavier than the Air 2S however it’s quite taller and longer as neatly.

For the ones new to the Air sequence or drones usually, this could be a moot level, because the Air 3 in point of fact travels neatly in its personal shoulder bag (incorporated within the Fly Extra combo) or in maximum pictures or drone backpacks.

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dji air 3 vs 2s

Every other essential addition to the all-new Air 3 is omnidirectional impediment sensing.

This selection is essential to seasoned drone operators and new pilots alike, because it lets in the Air 3 to fly with 360-degree impediment sensing protection, making it best for complicated lively monitor paths and waypoint missions.

It additionally provides coverage for the ones fearful when flying drones in dense spaces.

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Air 3 Mixtures

Right here at Droneblog, we in point of fact like the craze DJI has set and adopted previously few years, liberating their drones with more than a few mixtures and choices that have compatibility into all kinds of budgets and desires.

The Air 3 isn’t any exception to this rule and is available in 3 other mixtures.

With there being such a lot of choices to make a choice from, the query oftentimes requested is if a Fly Extra combo is in point of fact wanted, or must any individual get started off with simply the RC-N2 far flung controller, the Air 3, and a unmarried battery and move fly.

We have a tendency to aspect with purchasing a flymore combo, particularly if making plans on in point of fact the usage of the Air 3 frequently.

To place this into standpoint, if making plans on purchasing the Air 3 with the RC-N2 simplest (the usual far flung controller model), and later simply including on two batteries, it will in the long run be cost-effective to buy an RC-N2 combo to begin with for much less, and get extra within the combo.

As of the writing of this text two Air 3 batteries, charge about USD $320 blended.

That now places the Air 3 with RC-N2 and three batteries (2 purchased later) at roughly $1400. The RC-N2 Fly Extra combo is promoting at $1349.

If you wish to have the shoulder bag and battery charging hub (which we advise), this is an extra $60 for the bag and $100 for the hub, hanging this piece-mail value as regards to $1560.

You’ll see the place we’re going with this.

In our opinion, if conceivable, move with both Fly Extra combo to begin with, as you’ll save fairly a couple of bucks doing so.

If no longer ready to, then the Air 3, RC-N2, and one battery combo gets you up within the air for an even period of time.

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Air 3 DJI RC2 Fly Extra Combo


  • DJI Air 3
  • DJI RC2 Far flung Controller
  • 3 x Clever Flight Battery
  • 3-Battery Charging Hub
  • Shoulder Bag
  • USB-C Cable
  • Entrance Sensor and Gimbal guard
  • 8 Spare Props
  • Connection Cables

Air 3 RC-N2 Fly Extra Combo


  • DJI Air 3
  • DJI RC-N2 Far flung Controller
  • 3 x Clever Flight Battery
  • 3-Battery Charging Hub
  • Shoulder Bag
  • USB-C Cable
  • Entrance Sensor and Gimbal guard
  • 8 Spare Props
  • Connection Cables

Air 3 Same old RC-N2 Combo

DJI Air 3 (RC-N2)

Drone with Medium Tele & Extensive-Perspective Twin Number one Cameras, 46-Min Max Flight Time, Omnidirectional Impediment Sensing, 48MP Footage, 4K/60fps HDR, as much as 20Km Video Transmission

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 11:36 am GMT


  • DJI Air 3
  • DJI RC-N2 Far flung Controller
  • 1 x Clever Flight Battery
  • USB-C Cable
  • Entrance Sensor and Gimbal guard
  • 2 Spare Props
  • Connection Cables

Battery Charging

The Air 3 boasts 46-minute flight occasions, which is fairly a feat for a drone of this measurement. When including 3 batteries into the combination, the Air 3 remains within the air for fairly some time.

In real-world utilization, touchdown across the 25% mark, I persistently get 33 mins or so of flight, pushing the time to an hour and a part on 3 batteries, with out even the usage of the continual switch function (extra in this quickly).

If in case you have opted to head with the Air 3 and DI RC-N2 simplest, the only incorporated Air 3 battery can also be charged with out the usage of a 3-battery charging hub and can get you a respectable quantity of flight time.

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DJI Air 3 Flight Batteries

Whilst you unpack the Air 3 batteries, there will likely be some fee in them.

Despite the fact that excited and tempted to fly the drone straight away, it’s best to completely fee all the batteries that come within the combo first, whether or not the only battery possibility or the 3 batteries within the Fly Extra combo.

To fee a battery inside the Air 3:

Step 1: Open the USB-C and SD card port in the back of the Air 3.

dji air 3 charge battery

Step 2: Whilst the Air 3 is off, plug the USB-C aspect of the incorporated USB-C cable into the rear of the Air 3.

Step 3: Plug the USB finish into any 65-watt charger (no longer incorporated, advice underneath).

dji air 3 ports

To fee batteries within the charging hub:

Step 1: Insert all 3 Air 3 batteries into the charging hub.

Step 2: Insert the USB-C finish of the incorporated USB-C cable into the charging hub.

dji air 3 charging hub

Step 3: Insert the USB finish into both a 65-watt charger or a 100-watt PD charger (no longer incorporated, advice underneath).

Word: If you have already got a 65-watt charger, that may paintings, then again, a 100-watt PD charger will fee all the batteries quicker.

Step 4: Attach your DJI Far flung Controller on your 65 or 100-watt charger to fee.

You’ll be able to test the fee of every particular person battery by way of single-pressing the facility button at the battery.

Likewise, while you insert all 3 batteries into the charging hub, the LED lighting fixtures will provide you with a warning to how a lot continual is in all 3 of the batteries.

As discussed in the past, there’s an possibility that permits continual from the remainder batteries to be transferred to a unmarried battery with essentially the most battery existence.

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To make use of the facility switch function (Gathering Energy Mode):

Step 1: Insert all 3 batteries into the unplugged battery hub.

Step 2: Press and preserve the black serve as button till the LED indicator adjustments from yellow and blinks inexperienced.

Step 3: To forestall the facility accumulation serve as, merely press and preserve the Serve as button till the LED standing turns yellow.

Once more, the remainder continual from a couple of batteries will switch to the battery with the absolute best closing continual.

So, As an alternative of getting 3 in part powered batteries, you’ll now have one totally, or as regards to an absolutely, charged battery on your subsequent flight.

Our Pick out

DJI 65W Moveable Charger


  • DJI Air 3
  • DJI Mavic 3 Professional, DJI Mavic 3/Vintage
  • DJI Avata, and Extra

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 07:41 am GMT

Far flung Controller (DJI RC2 & RC-N2)

The DJI RC2 is the same in design to the unique DJI RC, whilst the RC-N2 is just about just like the RC-N1.

The variation between the Air 3’s more moderen far flung controllers to earlier variations is the use of the brand new video transmission, O4 or OcuSync 4.0.

On account of the brand new transmission machine, two further antennas were added to the DJI RC2 which now has two exterior rabbit ear antennas, along with the 2 inside antennas.

The RC-N2 now has 2 antennas. One within the far flung controller and one within the retractable exterior built-in smartphone holder and antenna.

Just like the Air 3 batteries, the batteries within the DJI RC2 or RC-N2 can have some fee in them when to begin with unboxed.

Despite the fact that this could be the case, as soon as once more you will need to fee the far flung controller batteries totally sooner than first-time utilization.

As has turn into the norm with DJI, the Air 3 does no longer come with an influence adaptor, however does come with a unmarried USB-C cable.

For the fastest charging speeds, it is strongly recommended you buy a 65-watt or, higher but, 100-watt PD Charger for the Air 3 flight batteries.

With a 65 or 100-watt charger, you are going to additionally be capable to fee a far flung controller whilst charging the Air 3’s batteries.

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To fee the DJI RC-N2:

Step 1: Insert the USB-C finish of the incorporated USB-C cable into the USB-C port at the backside of the RC-N2.

charging dji rc n2

Step 2: Plug the usual USB finish into your 65 or 100-watt PD charger.

The LED indicator lighting fixtures at the face of the far flung controller will glide and blink to sign charging.

To fee the DJI RC2:

Step 1: Insert the USB-C finish of the incorporated USB-C cable into the USB-C port at the backside appropriate of the DJI RC2.

charging dji rc 2

Step 2: Plug the usual USB finish into your 65 or 100-watt PD charger.

The LED indicator lighting fixtures at the face of the far flung controller will glide and blink to sign charging.

Propellers/Putting in

Despite the fact that quite higher in measurement than the Ari 2S that it upgrades, the Air 3, with its higher propellers is in fact quieter at the flooring and within the air than the Air 2S.

air 3 propellers

This can be because of both the pitch the props produce or the more moderen design.

That is preferred by way of those that have a tendency to fly in additional populated spaces, in addition to the ones new to flying who is also just a little wary when flying close to other people.

Just like the Air and Mavic sequence, the drone propellers have a spring-loaded push and twist mechanism, which is extra handy than the screw means the Mini sequence makes use of.

When taking a look carefully on the Air 3 propellers you are going to see that there are two other coloured props represented: the ones which can be forged black across the base, and those who have a grey ring across the base.

Those two propeller colours likewise correspond to the motors at the Air 3. The black props move with the black motors and the grey with the grey.

In case you put the improper propeller at the improper motor, the drone will both give a “alternate propeller” error message and refuse to raise off or might get a couple of ft within the air and crash.

It’s crucial to place the proper props on the proper motors.

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To put in the propellers:

Step 1: Spread the legs and arms at the Air 3.

Step 2: In finding the propeller base colour that fits the motor colour you are going to be putting in the prop on.

installing air 3 propellers

Step 3: Are compatible the propeller onto the motor, then, pinching the motor together with your index finger and thumb, push and twist the propeller on.

Relying at the motor, this movement will both be clockwise or counterclockwise.

dji air 3 motor

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SD Card

In case you’ve bought both the usual Air 3 equipment with the RC-N2 controller, or with the DJI RC2, an SD card will in the end be wanted if you wish to report 4k movies or take 48MP pictures.

The Air 3 does no longer come with an SD card, then again, underneath is a listing of DJI-recommended SD playing cards that we likewise like and suggest, along side data for those playing cards:

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SanDisk Excessive/Professional Strains

The SanDisk Excessive and Excessive Professional traces are made for the stipulations we may in finding our drones in. They’re reportedly Temperature evidence, Water resistant, and Shockproof.

The Excessive sequence has learn speeds as much as 160MB and write speeds as much as 60MB, best for 4k video recording and burst capturing at the Air 3.

Those options observe to the 128 & 256 GB variations as neatly.

As common customers of SanDisk, we extremely suggest those traces of playing cards.


SanDisk 256GB Excessive PRO microSD

  • Write Speeds of as much as 140MB/s: Seize fast-action pictures or shoot 4K UHD video with write speeds of as much as 140MB/s.
  • Load Apps Quicker with A2
  • This card is shockproof, temperature-proof, water-proof, and X-ray-proof

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 05:02 pm GMT

Our Pick out

SanDisk Excessive 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC

  • As much as 130MB/s write speeds for quick capturing
  • 4K and 5K UHD-ready with UHS Pace Elegance 3 (U3) and Video Pace Elegance 30 (V30)
  • Rated A2 for quicker loading and in-app efficiency

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 02:26 pm GMT

Lexar 1066x

The 1066x line is particularly designed for motion cameras, drones, and different high-end finish electronics.

For the funds judgment of right and wrong, the Lexar 1066x has SD playing cards that are available in a couple of bucks not up to SanDisk these days.

Lexar Skilled 1066x 256GB microSDXC UHS-I Card

  • Skilled-level efficiency for motion cameras, drones, or Android smartphones
  • Leverages UHS-I era to ship learn speeds as much as 160MB/s (1066x)
  • Designed for sturdiness in harsh stipulations

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 12:01 am GMT

Samsung Evo Choose/Plus Strains

Along with being water-proof, shockproof, temperature evidence, and X-ray evidence, the EVO Choose and the Evo Plus sequence also are magnetic evidence.

The Evo line has learn speeds as much as 100MB and write speeds as much as 60MB. Moreover, as of this text writing, particular Evo SD playing cards on these days on sale.

Samsung EVO Choose 256GB V30 A2 microSDXC

  • Superfast U3, elegance 10 rated switch speeds of as much as 130MB/s¹,²and UHS-I Interface
  • To be had in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB
  • Whole with water⁴, temperature⁵, X-ray⁶, ⁷magnet, drop⁸, and wears⁹ out coverage; Sponsored by way of a 10-year restricted guaranty

Purchase from Amazon

We earn a fee if you are making a purchase order, at no further charge to you.

09/15/2023 03:16 pm GMT

Kingston Canvas Cross Line

Made for motion cameras and drones, the Kingston sequence has switch speeds as much as 170 MB and helps the A2 App Efficiency Elegance.

This sequence of playing cards is water, x-ray, temperature, surprise, and vibration evidence.

In case you bought the DJI RC2 equipment, there could also be an SD card slot within the far flung controller.

The SD card within the controller is used particularly for both display recording or screenshots.

If no longer making plans on display recording, an SD card can also be saved within the SD card slot within the DJI Far flung and function a backup, simply in case the Air 3 SD card has been left at house inadvertently.

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Putting & Ejecting SD Playing cards

The SD card slot for the Air 3 is situated in a coated port on the rear of the Air 3, underneath the battery.

To insert or eject the SD card:

STEP 1: Pull the rear port duvet down and to the precise (this properties the USB-C and SD card slots).

dji air 3 sd and charging port

STEP 2: With the Air 3 powered down, insert the SD card, with the pins dealing with upward, till the cardboard clicks into position.

dji air 3 sd card insert

STEP 3: Shut the rear port duvet.

dji air 3 from behind

DJI Fly (Flight Device)

To fly the Air 3, DJI tool is used by means of both your smartphone or digital tool and connects on your far flung controller, enabling a connection between the drone and far flung controller, which is very important for flight.

The tool that works for the Air 3 is the DJI Fly app. If in case you have a DJI RC2 combo, the DJI Fly app is pre-loaded at the far flung controller.

In case you are the usage of an digital tool with the RC-N2 controller, you’ll wish to obtain the tool.

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The place to Obtain DJI Fly

In case you are the usage of both an Android or iOS telephone or pill, the hyperlinks to obtain the DJI Fly app for the Air 3 are as follows:

Please observe: the DJI Fly app for Android is simplest to be had on-line on the hyperlink above and is not to be had within the Google Play retailer.

Putting in your DJI Account

With the DJI Fly tool put in, a DJI account will wish to be created, if no longer in the past executed.

STEP 1: You’ll simply arrange your DJI account by way of launching the DJI Fly app and going into Profile.

dji fly app

STEP 2: As soon as within the Profile Display, move to Log In.

STEP 3: Enter the telephone or e-mail you wish to sign up with and make sure to test off the “I’ve learn” segment on the backside.

STEP 4: Create your DJI Account by way of putting in place a password for the e-mail deal with you’re the usage of to log in on your DJI Account.

STEP 5: Input the Captcha information and publish.

You’ll now be dropped at the principle profile web page. You’re going to see you will have been arrange as a generic DJI Consumer.

STEP 6: To modify your identify and profile image, faucet your present djiuser_ identify (this may occasionally convey you to the Profile main points web page, and you’ll alternate your DJI username to no matter you’d like, in addition to add a profile image.)

Navigating the DJI Fly app Major Display

It’s now time to enter the DJI Fly app and get acquainted with flying for the primary time!

Connecting to the Fly App

STEP 1: In case you are nonetheless within the Fly app, Go out the app. Attach your smartphone on your RC-N2 controller, as observed underneath.

Insert smartphone
Attach USB-C/Lightening cable

In case you are the usage of the DJI RC2, then merely return to the house display and attach the Air 3 the usage of the relationship information.

STEP 2: Open the DJI Fly app and switch at the RC-N2.

To continual at the controller, press the facility button as soon as, then long-press-hold till the RC makes a power-on sign. The lighting fixtures will even flash.

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The House Display

The principle display within the DJI Fly app properties all of the essential flight data it is very important fly your Air 3

You must see alongside the highest:

  • Plane Battery share – flight time closing
  • RC (Far flung Keep watch over) sign energy
  • Impediment Avoidance mode – if it is off, set to avoid, or hover
  • Selection of locked satellites (it’s best to fly after 7-12 satellites were locked)

In case you press the battery share icon, you’re given extra detailed data relating to:

  • What number of mins till RTH (go back to house)
  • What number of mins till the drone power lands
  • What number of mins till the batteries are totally depleted

On the backside of the app, you’ll see the next:

  • How briskly you’re flying
  • How a ways out the drone is out of your present place
  • How excessive the drone these days is AGL (above flooring point)
  • Drone positioning (Map)

Via tapping the Map icon (backside left – small up-arrow), you’ll get into 3 other Map perspectives:

  • Small Map view – after tapping the picture of a map within the decrease right-hand nook of the radar map.
  • Huge Map view – after tapping the middle of the small map view.

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In-App Choices

To get into the various Fly app choices, press the 3-button menu on the top-right of the display.

Within the choices, you are going to see the next tabs:

  • Protection
  • Keep watch over
  • Digital camera
  • Transmission
  • About

We will be able to move in the course of the tabs which can be particular to getting up within the air safely and take a couple of footage and movies.


The brand new Air 3 now has omnidirectional or 360-degree impediment avoidance, enabling more moderen pilots to fly more secure.

The impediment avoidance settings are some of the extra essential choices that wish to be set accurately and feature an affect on the ones new to flying drones.

There are 3 choices for impediment avoidance: Bypass, Brake, and Off.

OFF – Because of this the omnidirectional sensors (height, aspects, rear, and entrance) are inactivated, permitting you to fly your drone into any impediment that could be within the Air 3’s flight trail.

Many fly with impediment avoidance choices off, to get as regards to items and fly in tight spaces that will no longer be conceivable with the sensors on and preventing the flight.

BYPASS – This allows the Air 3 (when in a immediately line) to mechanically move round an object these days in its method. The Air 3 will pick out the most efficient trail to take action.

BRAKE – When enabled, the Air 3 will principally forestall and hover when a disadvantage gifts itself. You’re going to then be capable to resolve the most efficient path to take to get across the object.


This selection, when on, provides you with a real-time on-screen view of the way a ways items are in entrance of, at the aspect of, and in the back of the Air 3.

That is in fact an ideal technique to have if you’re flying with the impediment avoidance machine off, as you are going to be introduced with audible and visible signals when as regards to items, with out being bogged down.

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This actual segment is one you are going to in point of fact need to concentrate on and make sure to set.

Within the Flight Coverage tab, you’ll set the Most Peak the Air 3 can fly, Its most flight distance, and the RTH (Go back to House) Altitude.

  • Max Altitude – In america, the most altitude a drone can fly, as laid out in the FAA is 400ft AGL. There are exceptions to this, equivalent to when flying round excessive buildings (structures, towers, and so on.). To stick in compliance, it’s best to set the Max top at 400ft, so that you received’t have to fret about it.
  • Max Distance – Additionally, in america, the FAA has mandated that drone operators keep inside of visible line of sight (VLOS), topic to how a ways an individual can see with out assistance from binoculars. The Max Distance can also be set at “no restrict” after which take care to keep watch over the place the Air 3 is all the time.
  • Auto RTH Altitude – This could also be crucial. RTH (go back to house) is a serve as constructed into maximum DJI drones that, when activated (both manually by way of the operator or mechanically at RC disconnect), the Air 3 will forestall what it’s doing and make its as far back as the place the house level is about.

If the RTH top isn’t set no less than upper than the absolute best obstruction the place you’re flying, the Air 3 is at risk of crashing into no matter it would occur throughout, if no longer excessive sufficient.

Some select to have their RTH top set to 400ft and simply disregard about it.

Then again, we recommend environment your RTH to 30 or so ft above the peak of the absolute best impediment the place you’re flying.

Environment the RTH on this means can turn out to be more secure for manned plane that could be flying for your instant space (i.e. helicopters and low-flying planes).


When flying for the primary time with a brand new drone, it’s essential to calibrate your Compass and IMU.

The compass (and IMU) in any drone is used for the drone’s positioning, like a typical hand held compass.

If the drone compass isn’t calibrated or calibrated accurately, it would end result within the drone flying unevenly or the lack of the drone (in worse-case eventualities).

Oftentimes, when flying in the similar basic space, the Air 3 compass would simply wish to be calibrated as soon as.

In case you fly or plan to fly in other geographical spaces, or a ways from house, however in the similar state, calibrating the compass is counseled.

To calibrate the Compass or IMU at the Air 3, whilst within the Protection tab move to Compass or IMU and faucet Calibrate, and the Fly app will stroll you thru how to take action.

As well as, you will be induced by way of the Fly app to calibrate both the Compass or IMU whether it is deemed important.

In the ones instances, you might observe the on-screen activates.

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An crucial protection environment that are meant to be executed frequently, in line with your scenario and the place you’re flying, is specifying what the Air 3 must do if and when the sign is misplaced.

There might come occasions when, because of environmental problems, there’s sign loss between the Air 3 and the far flung controller, although the O4 transmission machine could be very robust.

This may occur in congested spaces or different spaces affected by a large number of interference that day.

There are 3 movements the Air 3 can take upon sign loss:

RTH (Go back to House), Descend and Hover

  • RTH – When sign loss is detected, the Air 3 will ascend to the predefined RTH top (as mentioned previous), and go back to the drone operator.
  • DESCEND – With this feature, the Air 3 will descend, to the purpose of touchdown. This could be a excellent possibility if you’re flying your Air 3 in windy stipulations, whilst over land and no longer water.
  • HOVER – This may increasingly permit the Air 3 to simply hover in position when the sign is misplaced. That is best for flying indoors or in spaces with a large number of tall structures or skyscrapers, the place RTH would inevitably reason a crash or lack of the Air 3 if it tries to go back on your location.

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Purposes of the DJI RC2 & RC-N2

In brief, we will be able to spotlight the more than a few purposes of the RC-N2 and DJI RC2 far flung controllers.

RC-N2 Controller

The RC-N2 is the usual controller that mimics the RC-N1 in each method, aside from for a couple of inside adjustments.

If in case you have used the RC-N1 controller, it’ll be very acquainted. If that is your first time the usage of the DJI RC-N2, you are going to infrequently even realize it, because it suits within the hand completely and is comfy.

The entrance of the controller has the next:

  • Energy button
  • 4 LED indicator/standing lighting fixtures
  • Cine, Customary, and Recreation mode transfer
  • Go back to House button (RTH)
  • FN (Serve as) button which can also be custom designed in a lot of techniques
  • Digital camera button 

The highest of the RC has the next:

  • The slide-out built-in antenna and smartphone holder/mount
  • The digital camera/video cause button
  • Scroll-wheel to regulate the pitch of the digital camera gimbal
  • 2 indented pads to fasten the smartphone in

The ground of the RC-N2 has cutouts to retailer two detachable flight sticks.

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DJI RC2 Controller

The DJ RC2, like its predecessor the DJI RC, has a brilliant 5.5″ built-in display working at a continual 700 nits.

Not like the unique DJI RC, the DJI RC2 has 2 further rabbit ear antennas to deal with the brand new OcuSync 4.0 transmission machine.

Very similar to the RC-N2, to continual at the controller, press the facility button as soon as, then long-press-hold till the RC makes an audible sign. You’re going to quickly see the DJI splash display.

The face of the DJI RC2 has the next:

  • Go back to House button (RTH)
  • Cine, Customary, and Recreation mode transfer
  • Energy button (press then long-press-hold to activate)
  • 4 LED indicator/standing lighting fixtures and a Energy On LED
  • 2 Detachable Keep watch over Sticks

The again of the DJI RC2 has the next:

  • C1 and C2 buttons
  • 2 Slots to retailer the detachable keep an eye on sticks

The highest of the DJI RC2 has the next:

  • 2 scroll wheels (those are black and quite grippy, in comparison to the unique DJI RC’s aluminum wheels)
  • Video report button
  • Photograph shutter button
  • 2 inside/built-in antennas
  • 2 rabbit ear adjustable antennas

Digital camera

The focal lengths at the Air 3’s two cameras are 24mm and 70mm equivalents.

The 24mm digital camera has an f1.7 aperture, whilst the 70mm has an f2.8 aperture.

Switching between the 2 focal lengths is fast and simple and can also be executed in two other ways, which will likely be mentioned in a while.

Many drone cameras use virtual zoom when zooming in on an issue, and as a result of this, the picture high quality is misplaced, as the picture is simply being digitally enlarged.

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At the Air 3, there is not any high quality loss when the usage of the medium tele digital camera, as each the 24mm and 70mm cameras take the similar solution pictures and movies.

The use of a back-lit stacked symbol sensor on each cameras, the photographs produced by way of the Air 3 do certainly glance great, even in not up to optimally lit environments.

Increasing in this, the Air 3 has the technique to shoot in Evening Mode. On this mode, the ISO most is greater from 6400 to 12800, whilst additionally making use of just a little of noise relief mechanically.

In case you are taking a look to shoot vertical content material (movies), the Air 3 is in a position to do that as neatly, by way of cropping the horizontal symbol, in digital camera. We will be able to additionally talk about this in a while.

Word: When capturing vertical movies, the usable solution drops from the utmost 4k to two.7k and 1080p respectively.

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To modify between the 24mm and the 70mm Tele Lens to Zoom in/out:

Way one relates to each pictures and movies, whilst means 2 applies simplest to movies.

Way 1

Find the 1x (24mm extensive) and 3x (70mm tele) icons at the Reside View display.

If 1x is already selected, merely press 3x and you are going to zoom in. Likewise do the opposite to enter 24mm extensive attitude.

Beneath are two examples, at 145ft of 1x and 3x zoom:

dji air 3 camera
1x – 24mm Extensive
3x – 70mm Tele

Way 2

The second one means simplest works when in video mode.

This technique can also be executed the usage of the scroll wheel at the face of the DJI RC2 built-in display controller whilst filming.

Step 1: Arrange the scroll wheel by way of going into the principle menu (3 dots) after which going to the Keep watch over Tab. Cross down and press Button Customization.

Step 2: Whilst in Button Customization, move right down to Proper Dial and set the technique to ZOOM IN/OUT.

Step 3: Set the mode to Video and also you’ll be capable to use the scroll wheel to zoom out and in easily.

To shoot vertical movies:

Step 1: Cross into video mode.

Step 2: Turn on/input PRO mode.

Step 3: Faucet the left space of the Professional mode display and beneath RES/FPS scroll to the precise till you notice 1080p [19:6] and a couple of.7K [9:16]. Make a choice the upper solution of two.7K [9:16].

Downloading photographs and movies from the Air 3

There are more than a few techniques to get admission to and obtain the content material at the DJI Air 3.

One means is the direct attach means, which can also be executed by way of without delay connecting the Air 3 to a PC or Mac the usage of the incorporated USB-C cable.

The second one means is the usage of an SD card reader. To take action, merely:

  • Take away the SD card from the Air 3
  • Insert the SD card into the reader
  • Plug the SD card reader into a pc

Later on, you’ll then view and edit the ideas without delay from inside of a listing to your PC or Mac.

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It is a handy technique to switch/obtain recordsdata, because the Air 3 does no longer wish to be bodily provide or hooked up to a pc to take action.

There could also be a Fast Switch function that permits content material from the DJI RC-N2 to be wirelessly exported to a smartphone or tool.

Beneath is the item that is going thru all the steps wanted, intimately, to obtain content material from the Air 3 to both a PC or Mac or perhaps a smartphone or tool, the usage of the QuickTransfer function.

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